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Have Smelly, Dirty Garbage Bins?

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Just Bin Cleaned is located in Penticton, BC. We are a residential curbside garbage, yard-waste, and recycle wheelie bin cleaning service. We come to your home after your bins have been emptied, and clean your bins right at the curb. We use an automated bin wash truck that does the cleaning inside our wash bay. Not on your street, lawn or driveway. We recapture and recycle waste water through a filtration system, and use a biodegradable, eco-friendly sanitizing solution leaving your bins clean inside and out. Our high powered rotating heads wash your bins with 3000 psi of hot water using 75% less water than if you were to do it yourself with a garden hose. We eliminate 99% of all known germs that can cause the flu, stomach bugs, and even Hepatitis A.

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm. Cleaning months are from April to October. Closed during winter months. Please call for larger bulk order discount rates including strata complex etc.                    

Let us do the dirty work!    

Just Bin Cleaned also provides power washing services!!                                                                            

Just Bin Cleaned - Have Smelly, Dirty Garbage Bins?

Serving Penticton, and South Okanagan

Just Bin Cleaned - How It Works?

How It Works?

Cleaning schedule based on city collection pickup day. Bins left on curbside until we arrive. Cleaning is done in an automated cleaning bay. We use 100% filtered, recycled water.

Cleaning Process
Just Bin Cleaned - Let Us Wash Your Bins!

Let Us Wash Your Bins!

Monthly Cleaning Service or One Time Cleaning Service - (includes 2 bins) - $40.00 plus tax.

Three bins - $50.00 plus tax.

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Just Bin Cleaned - Why Have Your Bins Cleaned?

Why Have Your Bins Cleaned?

A dirty bin is 1000 times more contaminated with bacteria then your toilet. A haven for disease & bacteria. Can cause flu, stomach bugs, and even Hepatitis A.

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Just Bin Cleaned - Power Washing Service

Power Washing

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